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Frequently Asked Questions About Malcolm X
About Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq
Frequently Asked Questions About Malcolm X is an ongoing multimedia project, conceived by Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq, as he's traveled the nation lecturing on the subject of Malcolm X's legacy as a human rights activist. Realizing that the most frequently asked questions posed during Q&A sessions were based on misperceptions, Abdur-Razzaq committed to answering them as accurately as possible to help put the leader's beliefs and agenda in as accurate a perspective as possible.

By restructuring the format of his speaking engagements – from a one-man lecture to an interactive dialogue between himself, a moderator and the audience – Abdur-Razzaq has been able to more effectively share insight into Malcolm's life and death. The discussions are taped for inclusion in a thus untitled video production, including a compilation of frequently asked questions and Abdullah's responses. The video is scheduled for release in February 2015, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X's assassination.

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