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About Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq
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Throughout the course of the past few decades, very few leaders' legacies have been chronicled as extensively as Malcolm X's. Since the publication of his acclaimed autobiography in 1965, Malcolm X has been the subject of numerous other books, documentaries and films - including a major motion picture in 1992.  And yet, though regarded among the most polarizing figures of past and present generations, he is still considered among the most enigmatic.  Frequently Asked Questions  About Malcolm X unravels much of the mystery behind the man - and his legacy as a leader - by knowledgeably answering questions about which even the most renowned Malcolm X biographers and scholars have only been able to speculate.
Frequently Asked Questions About Malcolm X are answered by Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq, who was Malcolm X's Chief Aide. Abdullah is one of an extremely small handful of individuals still living, who were not only fellow members of the Nation of Islam with Malcolm; but who severed ties with the Nation, along with Malcolm in 1964, and maintained association with him up until his assasination on February 21st 1965. Further, Abdur-Razzaq is the only living associate of Malcolm who was both a laborer and official in the two organizations that Malcolm founded subsequent to his split from the Nation of Islam: The Organization of Afro American Unity and Muslim Mosque Inc.

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